• Protecting Our Great Lakes & Environment

    Fred grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan and understands and appreciates our Great Lakes ecosystem and natural resources. Fred has an extensive record of working to protect our Great Lakes.

    Working on a bipartisan basis, Fred led the charge to ban harmful microbeads from polluting our Great Lakes. Microbeads are tiny bits of plastic that can pollute waterways and in 2015, President Obama signed Fred’s legislation into law, marking a major win for our Great Lakes.

    The tragedy in Flint, Michigan, demanded immediate action, so Fred reached across the aisle and worked closely with Congressman Dan Kildee, D-Michigan, on bipartisan legislation that passed the House of Representatives 416-2 that demanded accountability from all levels of government to ensure what happened in Flint can never happen again in any community.

    Additionally, Fred has been a longtime, bipartisan leader in the efforts to fight invasive species like Asian Carp. Asian Carp represent a real threat to the future of our Great Lakes. Fred has supported bipartisan efforts to provide much needed resources to fight Asian Carp as well as the efforts to physically separate the Mississippi River water shed from the Great Lakes water shed.

    Fred has also led the charge against British Petroleum trying to dump toxins into Lake Michigan and been a local leader in working to protect our coastal communities from erosion and ensuring our harbors are properly dredged.

    Protecting and preserving the integrity of our Great Lakes will be continue to be an issue at the forefront of Fred’s mind as water infrastructure issues take center stage.

    As a result of his bipartisan leadership, Fred was awarded the Theodore Roosevelt Award by ConservAmerica for his leadership in common sense conservation of our natural resources.

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