As a new grandpa and father of two, Fred understands the importance of ensuring that our children receive the quality education that they deserve. Fred truly believes that an educated workforce creates a stronger and more stable economy, and he will always fight to ensure our children have the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

In his commitment to enhance educational opportunities for Michigan students, Fred has been a proud supporter of the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics programs, which promote STEM education. Today in the United States, our own students are being outperformed in math and science education by other countries, and programs like FIRST Robotics look to close this gap.

Fred has also been a strong advocate of reducing the costs of attending college. With tuition rising year after year, the financial burden on our students and their families is a real problem, and Fred has worked to keep higher education affordable for all Americans by expanding federal loan programs and reducing interest rates on millions of student loan borrowers.

Fred knows that the future is bright, and he will always fight to expand educational opportunities and provide the necessary resources for our children to succeed.

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