Fred is focused on common-sense solutions for our nation’s energy future through a sensible “All-of-the-Above” energy approach that focuses on emerging energy technologies like wind, solar, nuclear, and hydropower mixed with traditional energy solutions. By focusing on the energy we can develop here at home, we can keep costs low for Michigan families and businesses, create jobs, and reduce our reliance on volatile, overseas energy-producers. Building the energy infrastructure that supports an “All-of-the-Above” energy strategy will also create jobs, boost our economy, and ensure that our energy moves safely and reliably to keep costs down for Michigan families.

Fred is responsible for helping get the landmark 2011 pipeline safety bill signed into law by President Obama and played a major role in getting the PIPES Act of 2016 signed into law by President Obama in June of 2016. Of particular note, the PIPES Act of 2016 will impact Enbridge’s Line 5, which runs cross the Straits of Mackinac, and calls for increased inspections to ensure the utmost safety.

Additionally, Fred is focused on protecting our electricity grid from nefarious attacks or outages. Reliable electricity is often times views as an unseen luxury that folks tend to take for granted – until the worst happens. Fred has consistently fought for common-sense policies that keep our electric grid safe and secure. Fred is also a member of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.

The future of energy is one of private sector innovation and common-sense policies that protect our environment without harming our economy. Fred will continue to be a bipartisan leader in these efforts.

As a result of Fred’s bipartisan leadership, our energy infrastructure is more secure and our country is better prepared to utilize our energy resources going forward.

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