Agriculture has always had strong roots in Michigan, and Fred has long been an advocate and an ally of the farming community. Knowing that Southwest Michigan farmers quite literally feed the world, Fred has worked diligently to ensure they have the resources they need to continue producing a safe, affordable, and abundant food supply for American families.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Fred has been working overtime to support farmers across Southwest Michigan. Back in March, he strongly supported the passage of the Paycheck Protection Program, which funneled billions of dollars in emergency funding to small farms to help them weather this terrible storm. In addition to the PPP, he also worked with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide relief for specialty crop growers in Michigan.

During his time in Congress, Fred has been a fervent supporter of commonsense solutions that cut burdensome red tape and keep federal regulators out of day-to-day farm operations.  Southwest Michigan farmers are the best stewards of their own land, and Fred will not allow federal bureaucrats to impose job-killing, harmful regulations on local farms that drive up energy and operating costs.

Fred is also a strong advocate of free, but fair, trade deals for our farmers. He knows that we must keep the playing field level for Michigan growers. That’s why he was proud to support the passage of the United States-Canada-Mexico Agreement as this legislation will truly support our Southwest Michigan economy and put more money in farmers’ pockets.

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