• Healthcare

    Fred is leading the charge to speed up the development and delivery of life-saving cures. His bold initiative 21st Century Cures is moving ahead because too many families are robbed of loved ones by devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and more. Fred launched an unprecedented effort to bring researchers, doctors, and patients together for faster cures. 21st Century Cures also supports local employers to ensure they continue to create jobs here at home, and that the United States remains the world leader in medical innovations.

    Fred is also a national leader in the fight against the President’s controversial healthcare law. Rather than massively expanding the size and reach of the federal government, Fred supports thoughtful reforms to bring down healthcare costs and protect the doctor-patient relationship, such as tort reform, allowing consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines, and preventing insurance companies the ability to deny service based on pre-existing conditions.

    Additionally, Fred has been a bipartisan leader in working to reform our nation’s mental health system. In June of 2016, Fred’s committee advanced landmark mental health reform legislation, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, by a 53-0 vote. Thanks to Fred’s leadership, this important bill was then advanced on the House Floor by a 422 to 2 vote.

    Healthcare for the modern era should be responsive, fast, and patient-focused, Fred will continue to champion legislation that meets the unique needs of each individual.

    As a result of his bipartisan leadership, Fred’s 21st Century Cures Initiative overwhelmingly passed through the House of Representatives by a bipartisan 344-77 vote. Fred was also awarded the Edwin C. Whitehead Award for Medical Research Advocacy.  

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