• Combatting Drug Abuse

    Fred understands how out-of-control opioid abuse has gotten in our community and across the country. The Energy and Commerce Committee, which Fred chairs, has held a number of hearings with experts, stakeholders, law enforcement, individuals in recovery, and family members of opioid abuse victims in order to identify problems and potential solutions. Fred knows we can’t arrest our way out of the current opioid epidemic and believes we have a responsibility to work together, Republicans and Democrats, to deliver results for families who are struggling.

    Fred is working with Southwest Michigan law enforcement, medical and education communities, and families to address the tragic epidemic of prescription drug and heroin abuse. Fred’s committee passed bipartisan legislation to promote cooperation among the private sector and government agencies to encourage prevention and treatment to help patients. The legislation advanced through the House and is being merged with the Senate’s bill through a “Conference Committee” of which Fred was appointed to serve on by Speaker Paul Ryan.

    Drug abuse doesn’t discriminate, and Fred knows we need to work together to solve this crisis sweeping through our communities.

    As a result of Fred’s bipartisan leadership, individuals facing addiction and their concerned families have more hope they can overcome the life-threatening challenge of drug addiction.

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