• Fiscal Responsibility & Protecting Michigan Taxpayers

    Since President Obama took office, our nation’s debt has exploded beyond an historic $19 trillion dollars, sending us spiraling toward bankruptcy. This level of debt equates to nearly $60,000 for every citizen – for struggling Michigan families and small businesses, Fred believes this is unacceptable.

    Having worked at the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, Fred understands the meaning of fiscal responsibility and knows what it takes to put our nation’s fiscal house back in order. He is working hard to cut federal spending and reduce the size of our bloated government.

    Fred has voted to enact real spending cuts to reduce our deficit and supports common sense budgetary reforms to put us back on a sound fiscal footing. He is a supporter of the constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment, which would require the federal government to live within its means each year, just like the rest of us.  He is also a longtime proponent of the presidential line-item veto, which would allow the President to propose cuts to wasteful spending in legislation passed by Congress – regardless of which political party is in control.

    Additionally, Fred supports keeping the federal government limited, transparent, and accountable to the American people. After two years of one-party rule and zero accountability, Fred has been leader in restoring much-needed government oversight. He has been a leader in holding the Obama Administration accountable to taxpayers and voted for legislation to prevent unelected Washington bureaucrats from unilaterally imposing costly regulations on the American people.

    Michigan taxpayers deserve the highest levels of accountability and transparency when it comes to their hard-earned tax dollars and Fred is fighting for just that.

    As a result of Fred’s bipartisan leadership, the federal deficit is declining and Michigan taxpayers and small businesses were protected from a massive tax increase.