• Agriculture

    Agriculture remains a driving force in Michigan’s economic recovery and Fred remains committed to our local farmers.

    Ensuring that our farmer friends can continue growing safe, abundant, and inexpensive food is one of Fred’s top priorities. From scaling back overzealous federal red tape so that farmers have lower operating costs, working to modernizing the review process to support livestock health, and supporting fair trade agreements that promote Michigan exports – Fred understands our state’s unique agriculture needs and fights hard in Washington for our farmers and their families.

    Fred is also one of the few Republicans that supports common-sense immigration reforms such as a verified guest worker visa to provide a reliable and legal workforce for our farmers.

    In our 21st Century, global economy, Fred will continue to stand up for Southwest Michigan farmers and our shared interests.

    As a result of his bipartisan leadership, Fred proudly received the Michigan Farm Bureau AgriPac “Friends of Agriculture” Endorsement and the 2014 “Friend of Farm Bureau” Award.

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