• National Security & Veterans Affairs

    In the current climate of terrorism and threats from rogue nations, no mistakes can be made and Fred believes America’s top foreign policy goal must be to defend our citizens and our homeland from these threats.

    Fred will continue to place a high priority on our national security and securing our homeland from these terrorist threats. Recently, thanks in part to Fred’s leadership, it was announced that the Michigan Air National Guard’s 110th Attack Wing, stationed right here in Southwest Michigan, will be the host of a new Cyber Operations Squadron, which will help in our battle against cyber-terrorists by providing more Michigan manpower and resources in the fight.

    Fred knows that our military veterans are the best of the best and they deserve a health system that is worthy of their incredible sacrifice and service to our country. Fred voted for bipartisan legislation that gives veterans exactly what they deserve: Quality, timely care. Fred also supports solutions for veterans that expands access outside the VA, and also begins the long-needed process of reforming our veteran care system.

    Additionally, Fred is a champion of common sense encryption and cyber-security measures that keep our private information, and our country, safe and secure.

    Our military veterans keep us safe and put their lives in danger so that we can enjoy our freedoms. What they do every day on behalf of our country is hard. Fred knows making sure they have access to quality care when they come home should be easy.

    As a result of Fred’s bipartisan leadership, more resources have been directed to our troops and veterans, and national security threats are being confronted.

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