Upton Statement on Decisive Win in Republican Primary

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. – Congressman Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, released the following statement following his decisive victory in the Republican primary election for Michigan’s 6th Congressional District. “I am honored again to be the Republican nominee for the Sixth Congressional District. I am not going to let you down. We’re going to continue to work on a […]

Fred's Friends


Jobs & Economy

Fred’s top priorities remain jobs and our economy here in Michigan.  Local businesses are working hard to lead the way for our state’s recovery, but many of the policies coming out of Washington are making matters more difficult.  Fred is fighting to put a permanent halt on the Obama administration’s aggressive regulatory assault, which not only threatens to slow growth, but to destroy jobs and raise everyday costs for Michigan families.  Instead, it is time for a pro-growth, pro-market approach that encourages businesses to create jobs and reinvest in their communities.

Fred’s legislation to strengthen the pharmaceutical supply chain has been signed into law, which will streamline regulations, protect patients, and preserve local jobs. Fred has also worked to improve education and job training through more local control, protect our Great Lakes infrastructure, and support our local manufacturing jobs.


Fiscal Responsibility

Since President Obama took office five years ago, our nation’s debt has exploded beyond an historic $17 trillion dollars, sending us spiraling toward bankruptcy. This level of debt equates to nearly $55,000 for every citizen – for struggling Michigan families and small businesses, this is unacceptable.

Having worked at the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, Fred understands the meaning of fiscal responsibility and knows what it takes to put our nation’s fiscal house back in order.  He is working hard to cut federal spending and reduce the size of our bloated government.

Fred has voted to enact real spending cuts to reduce our deficit and supports major budgetary reforms to put us back on a sound fiscal footing.  He is a supporter of the constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment, which would require the federal government to live within its means each year, just like the rest of us.  He is also a longtime proponent of the presidential line-item veto, which would allow the President to propose cuts to wasteful spending in legislation passed by Congress – regardless of which political party is in control.


Fred is a national leader in the fight against the President’s controversial healthcare law. Fred voted against the law’s passage and one of his very first acts as Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee was to shepherd through repeal legislation, which passed the House on January 19, 2011 by a vote of 245-189. Rather than massively expanding the size and reach of the federal government, Fred supports thoughtful reforms to bring down healthcare costs and protect the doctor-patient relationship, such as tort reform and allowing consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines.

Fred has passed legislation through the House to prevent families from losing access to their health coverage, along with focusing resources to prevent premature births, battle cancer, and help schools quickly care for students with severe allergic reactions.


Fred is leading the way for our nation’s energy future through an “all of the above” energy strategy. By focusing on the energy we can develop here at home, we can keep costs low for Michigan families and businesses, create jobs, and reduce our reliance on volatile energy-producing regions. As a leader in Congress, Fred is a champion of the Keystone XL pipeline project, a Canadian energy pipeline that will create countless good-paying jobs in the United States and bring us almost 1 million barrels of oil per day. While the administration has played politics with the issue, Fred is focused on commonsense solutions for our nation’s energy future.

He is also on the front lines fighting the EPA’s endless regulations on our nation’s power plants, which if enacted will send consumer energy bills through the roof, and supporting efforts to improve natural gas pipelines to make energy more affordable.

Protecting Michigan Taxpayers

Fred supports keeping the federal government limited, transparent, and accountable to the American people. After two years of one-party rule and zero accountability, Fred has been leader in restoring much-needed oversight. He has been a leader in holding the Administration accountable to taxpayers by supporting the “No Subsidies Without Verification Act” to reduce fraud and waste in the health care law and voted for legislation to prevent unelected Washington officials from unilaterally imposing costly regulations on the American people.

Michigan taxpayers deserve greater accountability when it comes to their hard-earned tax dollars – Fred is fighting for just that.